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'Elendil!' he cried. 'I am Aragorn son of Arathorn and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnadan, the heir of Isildur Elendil's son of Gondor. Here is the Sword that was Broken and is forged again! Will you aid me or thwart me? Choose swiftly!'

Aragorn declares himself to Éomer, TTT


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bullet Reclaiming Khazad-dûm by Ellynn Last Updated: 6/20/2021
In the seventh century of the Fourth Age of Middle-earth dwarvish King Durin VII leads his people to reclaim their greatest kingdom ever – Moria, or Khazad-dûm – just like it was written in the ancient prophecy. There are many adventures during the journey from Erebor to Khazad-dûm, and once the dwarves arrive there, they have to win the war against the orcs to reclaim their old home. The story goes through three POVs – King Durin and two original characters (F & M).
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 32 Published: 12/1/2020
bullet An Unexpected Adventure by KathyG Last Updated: 6/14/2021
(Co-written by KathyG and Dreamflower.) In the spring of 2012, four American children find themselves thrust into an unfamiliar fantasy world and part of an unexpected adventure. This story is AU and blends Lord of the Rings book-verse and movie-verse. This story also contains a lot of spiritual and religious content as a part of the AU elements. Join our guess-the-chapter-title origin challenge! (Posted with permission from the administrators of SoA.) This story is also posted on
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 89 Published: 7/21/2018
bullet A Red Sun Rises by Katzilla Last Updated: 6/14/2021
The epic battle of Éomer's éored against Ugluk's Uruk-hai on the edge of Fangorn Forest, plus the events shortly before and after, as seen from the Rohirric side. Mostly canon, but works also as prequel for "Untold Tales of the Mark: The Banishment of Éomer". Chapter 19 up: "Judgment"
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 19 Published: 4/11/2018
bullet The Tenth Walker by Lindelea Last Updated: 6/12/2021
Probably been done before, and perhaps better, but Bill the Pony gave my elbow a nudge this morning, causing me to spill my tea, and he licked up all the sugar from the bowl, and is likely to make a complete nuisance of himself if I don't write down his story. Seeking 'shelter' on Caradhras.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 107 Published: 6/15/2005
bullet Glamdring's Return by Calairiel Malromiel Last Updated: 6/10/2021
Olórin makes a journey to the Realm of Fingolfin to return something that he's been holding onto for many years now. And it's time to return it to its original owner - the sword Glamdring. Sword of Turgon, King of Gondolin.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 5/27/2021
bullet Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Lindelea Last Updated: 6/9/2021
While in Minas Tirith after the end of the War of the Ring, surely the hobbits were showered with presents from a grateful populace, or at least the people tried to shower them with presents. This is the story of one awkward but lovable gift, and a unique solution to the problem. New chapter added: A rescue at last.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 17 Published: 3/6/2014
bullet A Perilous Journey to Lorien by LadyJaina Last Updated: 6/9/2021
Overwrought by Gandalf's passing, the Company tarried too long at the first glimpse of safety...with disastrous consequences. In the original story, the Fellowship makes it to the Golden Wood by the skin of their teeth, but what would happen if they were delayed? A Fellowship story. Rated for violence and mild gore.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 11 Published: 2/25/2021
bullet Time For Another Jailbreak! by Calairiel Malromiel Last Updated: 6/7/2021
Emboldened by their recent successes and that of a certain Elvenking, Fingolfin decides it's time to stir up some more trouble. Of course, he has to drag his newly reconciled brother along for the ride!
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 4 Published: 6/7/2021
bullet Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth by AaronSecret Last Updated: 6/7/2021
I would like to share my revelations of Tolkien's Universe in the form of narrative and emotional poems.
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 24 Published: 2/26/2021
bullet Hobbits and Dwarves and Woodelves, Oh My! by Calairiel Malromiel Last Updated: 6/4/2021
News spreads that the last Elvenking of Arda has finally sailed, bringing the last of the Eldar with him. But they are not all he has brought; His large fleet includes Hobbits and Dwarves, of all things! Olórin and Elrond are quickly dispatched to investigate...
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 6/4/2021
bullet The Brink by Aldwen Last Updated: 5/31/2021
Smoke rises over the Havens of Sirion. The Silmaril is lost at Sea, and the shadow of the Third Kinslaying lies heavily on the hearts of those who committed it. Has that shadow taken over? Or maybe atonement is still possible? This is Maglor’s story of those days.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 6 Published: 5/21/2021
bullet Of Aegnor and Arwen by Calairiel Malromiel Last Updated: 5/29/2021
In the Tale of Lúthien and Beren it is said that when Melian beheld the mortal eyes of her daughter she knew a parting beyond the end of the world had come between them and no grief of loss had ever been heavier than the grief of Melian the Maia in that hour. Or What happens when Arwen finds herself in Mandos after she faded in her grief over the death of her beloved Estel. There she learns her fate was set in stone with the choice of her father and she will never be reunited with her husb
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 2 Published: 5/29/2021
bullet Through Different Eyes by Nurayy Last Updated: 5/28/2021
Scenes on the Hornburg before, during and after the battle, seen through the eyes of a child. [Ch2: "Words can not tell..." 1st place at Teitho Nov/Dec 20 'Gems and Jewels'] And other outtakes and one-shots. [Ch3: A take on Éowyn in interaction with an OC]
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 3 Published: 4/24/2021
bullet The Great Escape by Calairiel Malromiel Last Updated: 5/23/2021
Fingolfin enters the Halls of Mandos after his battle with Morgoth. And Mandos learns that when you give a Noldo an inch they take everything! PG-13 for language
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 5 Published: 5/23/2021
bullet Like a Blade Forged in Fire by Lialathuveril Last Updated: 5/22/2021
How do you court a woman without her noticing? Bartered away to a Harad prince by her uncle Denethor, Lothíriel is left a widow by the War of the Ring. Disillusioned with love and men, the last thing she wants is another alliance for political reasons. Which presents Éomer of Rohan with a slight problem… (AU)
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 20 Published: 1/9/2021
bullet Thranduil's Shadow by Mimi Lind Last Updated: 5/16/2021
Young and naive, Thranduil meets his future wife, Legolas’ mother. Follow his complicated relationship through the ages, shadowed by an abusive father and a troubled world, and experience the long lost Beleriand through his eyes. We know him as the Elvenking, cold and guarded - this is the story of how he became that elf. (Pre-Lord of the Rings - Silmarillion.)
Rating: R Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 27 Published: 2/5/2021
bullet Destiny's Child by Mirkwoodmaiden Last Updated: 5/15/2021
Éowyn is an endlessly fascinating character to me. This is her story, to my mind. This story will eventually merge with my story of Faramir, "Bound by Duty; Bound by Joy" where they meet. It is her story in that story arc. The first chapter was inspired by Lindelea asking about how Éowyn became a Shieldmaiden.
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 13 Published: 6/11/2020
bullet The Fall of the Falas by perelleth Last Updated: 5/7/2021
“But in the next year, ere the winter was come, Morgoth sent great strength over Hithlum and Nevrast, and they came down the rivers Brithon and Nenning and ravaged all the Falas.” In the autumn when the Falas fell Ereinion killed his first orc, began to earn the name by which he would be best known all his life and learnt Círdan’s first rule of leadership. This is the tale of those fateful days.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 6 Published: 4/10/2021
bullet A Day of Celebration by Mirkwoodmaiden Last Updated: 5/4/2021
Today is our anniversary but because of Shelter-in-place we delaying any party we might have had. So I decided to write about one instead. It is Faramir and Eowyn's twentieth wedding anniversary and all have come to celebrate! ONE YEAR ON: This is still the same story but I am adding and revamping bits of the story. Adding a chapter before "Morning Tidings" and there will be chapters afterward. I hope you enjoy.
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 2 Published: 4/18/2020
bullet Olorin's Journey by abbott411 Last Updated: 4/18/2021
Olorin's journey through the Silmarillion & Unfinished Tales.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 4/18/2021
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