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I first read Lord of the Rings 25 years ago. My older sister got the books from our local library and I started reading the Fellowship when she started on the second volume. Well, I overtook her before the battle of Helmís Deep and we had to take turns reading the rest of the tale. Since then Iíve reread the books many times, first in my native language German, then in English.

…omer was always one of my favourite characters, so I thought Iíd write my first story about him and Lothiriel. Iíve tried to keep him in character to how heís described in the books, brave and strong, with a sudden temper but also with a keen sense of humour.

Professionally Iím a part time Java Programmer (which is not a lot of use when writing about Middle-earth) and I have a family of three lovely girls. As you can guess that keeps me rather busy, so my writing time is limited.

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