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Thain  by Lindelea
Paladin Took was a farmer's son; his grandfather had left the Great Smials, renouncing the life of the Great Smials Tooks, and the succession to the Thainship. He was never meant to be Thain, no more than was Bucca of the Marish... New "Pippin" chapter posted.
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Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Thorn: They'd Not Heard of the King8
Chapter  2: Thain: Taking Prisoners4
Chapter  3: Thorn: No News is... No News3
Chapter  4: Thain: Day of Reckoning4
Chapter  5: Thorn: Midnight Summons3
Chapter  6: Thain: Midnight Whispers7
Chapter  7: Thorn: Cold Light of Dawn2
Chapter  8: Thain: Before the Break of Day5
Chapter  9: Thorn: Leaving Home and Comfort Behind2
Chapter 10: Thain: The Sheep of His Pasture3
Chapter 11: Thorn: Out of the Fold2
Chapter 12: Thain: Scattered Sheep3
Chapter 13: Thorn: Guiding the Flock2
Chapter 14: Thain: Through the High Waters3
Chapter 15: Thorn: Dark Waters3
Chapter 16: Thain: To Higher Ground4
Chapter 17: Thorn: As Cold as Death2
Chapter 18: Thain: Near Escape7
Chapter 19: Thorn: Beginning of the End2
Chapter 20: Thain: Change in the Wind5
Chapter 21: Thorn: Clarifications4
Chapter 22: Thain: Explanations7
Chapter 23: Thorn: Hobbity Questions3
Chapter 24: Thain: Into the Future6
Chapter 25: Thorn: Of Wind and Wave3
Chapter 26: Thain: Arrival3
Chapter 27: Thorn: Arrival3
Chapter 28: Thain: Lessons to Be Learned8
Chapter 29: Thorn: Lessons to Be Learned4
Chapter 30: Thain: Gritting His Teeth3
Chapter 31: Thorn: A Matter of Timing4
Chapter 32: Thain: The Right Place at the Right Time, part 14
Chapter 33: Thorn: The Right Place... But the Right Time?4
Chapter 34: Thain: The Right Place at the Right Time, part 27
Chapter 35: Thorn: Right Place, Right Time, and All Wrong4
Chapter 36: Thain: Nasty, Disturbing, Uncomfortable Things2
Chapter 37: Thorn: Nasty, Disturbing, Uncomfortable Things 2
Chapter 38: Thain: Element of Surprise1
Chapter 39: Thorn: Element of Surprise2
Chapter 40: Thain: Missing and Presumed...4
Chapter 41: Thorn: Missing and Presumed…2
Chapter 42: Thain: To See a Well-Beloved Face4
Chapter 43: Thorn: To See a Well-Beloved Face2
Chapter 44: Thain: Not All Those Who Wander...1
Chapter Author's Notes: Author's Notes3

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