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Going, Going, Gone  by Lindelea
AU: What might have happened, had Frodo not had the option of sailing into the Uttermost West with the Elves. (12 chapters total, 13 if you include the author's notes) 2nd epilogue added, a little afterthought, as a birthday mathom. Enjoy! (D. says there should be a beverage warning. So here it is. Beverage warning. Don't say you weren't warned.)
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: A Little Background2
Chapter  1: Home Again2
Chapter  2: Old Ring-bearers Never Die...3
Chapter  3: Seeing Out the Old Year3
Chapter  4: Sleight of Hand3
Chapter  5: Going, Going, Gone...3
Chapter  6: Cover Up4
Chapter  7: Revisiting Some Old Haunts4
Chapter  8: Letter from Gondor4
Chapter  9: Cutting It Close2
Chapter 10: Trip to Rivendell2
Chapter 11: Seeing is Believing2
Chapter 12: Epilogue8
Chapter Epilogue 2: Epilogue 2: What Happened After5

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