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Jewels  by Lindelea
From the "Scouring of the Shire" to the Grey Havens, and beyond... because the original Story ended much too abruptly for this reader's satisfaction. Originally published in March 2003; revised. Chapter 37. The Steward of Buckland has a proposal to make.
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Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Rescue of a Wee Cousin7
Chapter  2: Walking in Darkness2
Chapter  3: Walking in Light5
Chapter  4: Moving House 4
Chapter  5: A Long-Expected Wedding4
Chapter  6: Gift of a Jewel4
Chapter  7: Coming Home3
Chapter  8: Of Mushrooms and Music 4
Chapter  9: Of Fish and Forest4
Chapter 10: Echoes of the Past4
Chapter 11: The Long Road Home 3
Chapter 12: A Visit from a Favourite Nephew 3
Chapter 13: Another Visit3
Chapter 14: The Grey Havens3
Chapter 15: Invitation to Long Cleeve3
Chapter 16: Invitation from Long Cleeve 4
Chapter 17: Tears of Joy3
Chapter 18: Mid-year's Eve, Morning3
Chapter 19: Mid-year's Eve, Noontide2
Chapter 20: Mid-year's Eve, Afternoon into Evening2
Chapter 21: Message from an Absent Cousin4
Chapter 22: Sorrow Shared3
Chapter 23: The Old and the New3
Chapter 24: Another Nephew's Visit3
Chapter 25: One Year Later2
Chapter 26: Fear Unspoken2
Chapter 27: The Old Gaffer's Friend3
Chapter 28: Father and Son3
Chapter 29: A Different Kind of Darkness1
Chapter 30: Stable Conversations1
Chapter 31: Bird in a Trap1
Chapter 32: A Curious Courtship2
Chapter 33: Dissolution of an Agreement5
Chapter 34: Beanpoles and Bedtime Snacks1
Chapter 35: New Beginnings3
Chapter 36: Lamp in the Window1
Chapter 37: The Steward of Buckland6

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