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Striking Sparks  by Lindelea
The early days, when Pippin was Thain, seen from the perspective of one of his Tookish cousins. Companion story to "FireStorm" and "Flames". 16 chapters, first published in May 2003.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Interrupted Plans2
Chapter  2: Tea with the Tooks2
Chapter  3: A Matter of Patience4
Chapter  4: Healers' Consultation2
Chapter  5: A Long-Awaited Proposal2
Chapter  6: Standing Up for the Steward1
Chapter  7: Smoke Damage2
Chapter  8: Son of the Thain2
Chapter  9: Late Supper, Early Morn1
Chapter 10: Midnight Watches1
Chapter 11: All in a Day's Work1
Chapter 12: Making Do1
Chapter 13: Standing Fast2
Chapter 14: An End to Waiting2
Chapter 15: For Better or Worse3
Chapter 16: Where Two Become One1

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