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FireStorm  by Lindelea
Peregrin Took did not automatically follow his father, Paladin, as Thain. This is the story of how he proved himself to the rest of the Tooks, earning the right to be called The Took, and Thain. 17 chapters (including the Prologue). Originally published April-May 2003. Part of a group of stories including "Striking Sparks", "Flames", and "StarFire".
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue1
Chapter  1: Stormy Beginning1
Chapter  2: At the Crowing Cockerel1
Chapter  3: Sunbreaks1
Chapter  4: Smials Welcome1
Chapter  5: Breakfast Conversation1
Chapter  6: Convocation of Tooks2
Chapter  7: First Day on the Job2
Chapter  8: No Smoke without Fire1
Chapter  9: Changes in Tookland1
Chapter 10: Settling In1
Chapter 11: From Little...1
Chapter 12: ...Sparks...1
Chapter 13: Great Wildfires Grow0
Chapter 14: Firestorm0
Chapter 15: Another Sort of Explosion0
Chapter 16: Epilogue1

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