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In the Greening of the Year  by Lindelea
Straightforward action-adventure/drama in relatively few chapters. When the mother of the Thain is overdue returning from a visit, Pippin pulls out all the stops to find her. Note to the Reader: Had thought to add an epilogue, but really, the story is complete as posted. No need to say more. Thank you!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: To Be Back in Time for Tea4
Chapter  2: Hobbit Hospitality5
Chapter  3: Blunt Talk3
Chapter  4: Tea and Conversation5
Chapter  5: Bedtime Stories5
Chapter  6: Settling Matters5
Chapter  7: Come Hail or High Water3
Chapter  8: Casting About7
Chapter  9: Darkest before the Dawn5
Chapter 10: Cut to the Quick9
Chapter Author's Notes: Notes0

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