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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth
A scholarly elf and a less than respectable woman traipse across Middle-earth in pursuit of a powerful artefact. Apologises to JRR Tolkien and JD Webster.replica handbags
Epilogue. And now the tale is truly done. Many thanks to everyone who has read and/or reviewed the story. I hope it's been as enjoyable to read as it (mostly) was to write.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: The Palantir and the Walrus6
Chapter  1: The Cold Waste10
Chapter  2: The Lossoth5
Chapter  3: Game and Wager6
Chapter  4: T'Ang9
Chapter  5: The Sounds of Disaster6
Chapter  6: The Ruins of Fornost4
Chapter  7: Lonliness4
Chapter  8: And They Spoke of Love5
Chapter  9: The Perils of Poor Planning4
Chapter 10: Accomodations in Bree4
Chapter 11: Inglor Incites a Riot6
Chapter 12: An Odd Theft5
Chapter 14: Interogations4
Chapter 15: Interlude I : Earlier that morning3
Chapter 16: Daisy on the Doorstep4
Chapter 17: The Search Begins in Earnest4
Chapter 18: In the Bandit's Lair3
Chapter 19: Interlude II : The Palantir4
Chapter 20: The Mystery is Solved2
Chapter 21: An Inauspicious Arrival4
Chapter 22: The Hall of Fire4
Chapter 23: The Stay in Rivendell4
Chapter 24: Interlude III: In Durin's Halls3
Chapter 25: Dwarven Etiquette Lesson5
Chapter 26: A Day in Wilderland7
Chapter 27: Interlude IV2
Chapter 28: Dale4
Chapter 29: Rooftop Minuet7
Chapter 30: Aftermath4
Chapter 31: King Bard II5
Chapter 32: Recuperation9
Chapter 33: Interlude V7
Chapter 34: Esgaroth8
Chapter 35: In the Master's House6
Chapter 36: In the Master's House Part II7
Chapter 37: Down the River Running Part I3
Chapter 38: A Change of Accommodation4
Chapter 39: Above Deck, Below Deck6
Chapter 40: A Busy Evening of Socializing8
Chapter 41: An Unlikely Fish4
Chapter 42: Interlude V: Elsewhere, Beneath the Eyes of the Sun3
Chapter 43: Incursion by Stealth6
Chapter 44: In the Lair of the Hosluin, Part I6
Chapter 45: In the Lair of the Hosluin, Part II5
Chapter 46: The Fate of the Palantir3
Chapter 47: Ravelling in the Loose Ends6
Chapter Epilogue: The (Other) Palantir and the Walrus6
Chapter Author's Notes: Inspirations and References9

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