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A Healer's Tale  by Lindelea
Pippin's story, from the viewpoint of one who knew him perhaps better than he would have wished... (a companion story to "At the End of His Rope") Final chapter posted. Chapter 51: Epilogue.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prelude: Deathwatch14
Chapter  1: New Life from the Ashes of the Old11
Chapter  2: Interlude7
Chapter  3: Just a Breath Away from Life9
Chapter  4: Interlude7
Chapter  5: A Merry Meeting9
Chapter  6: Interlude7
Chapter  7: Home Again, Home Again8
Chapter  8: Interlude8
Chapter  9: Family Matters12
Chapter 10: Interlude10
Chapter 11: Into Deep Waters6
Chapter 12: Interlude8
Chapter 13: A Pony of a Different Colour7
Chapter 14: Interlude10
Chapter 15: Another Apprenticeship11
Chapter 16: Interlude8
Chapter 17: Rocks and Stones9
Chapter 18: Interlude9
Chapter 19: Tea and Trouble8
Chapter 20: Interlude8
Chapter 21: Too Many Cooks8
Chapter 22: Interlude8
Chapter 23: Once Burned9
Chapter 24: Interlude6
Chapter 25: Twice Shy7
Chapter 26: Interlude6
Chapter 27: Silver Pennies and Showers of Blessing8
Chapter 28: Interlude7
Chapter 29: Tooks, Trees and Tethers12
Chapter 30: Interlude9
Chapter 31: Further Developments11
Chapter 32: Interlude6
Chapter 33: Death, a-Creepin' on Silent Paws11
Chapter 34: Interlude8
Chapter 35: Wanderers Meet10
Chapter 36: Interlude5
Chapter 37: Dog of a Different Colour12
Chapter 38: Interlude9
Chapter 39: A Matter of Business9
Chapter 40: Interlude8
Chapter 41: Breakfast Surprise10
Chapter 42: Interlude6
Chapter 43: A Drink with Jam and Bread9
Chapter 44: Interlude10
Chapter 45: Starving, as unto Death8
Chapter 46: Interlude9
Chapter 47: After All9
Chapter 48: Interlude10
Chapter 49: Coming Home9
Chapter 50: Postlude9
Chapter 51: Epilogue14
Chapter Author's Notes: Story Notes6

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