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Where the Merlin Cries  by Lindelea
The story of Fastred and Elanor, and how the Westmarch came to be a part of the Shire. Rated PG-13 for nasty ruffians in a couple of chapters. Thanks to katakanadian for beta!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Sheep May Safely Graze3
Chapter  2: Stay with Us for It is Nearly Evening2
Chapter  3: Prepare the Way, Prepare the Course3
Chapter  4: With Peace and Joy I Journey Thither2
Chapter  5: This is Certainly the Truth3
Chapter  6: Hold Thou Firm against All Evil3
Chapter  7: Who Knows How Near is My End?2
Chapter  8: Watch, Pray, Be Prepared3
Chapter  9: I Stand with One Foot in the Grave3
Chapter 10: When Shall I Die?0
Chapter 11: I Go and Seek with Longing2
Chapter 12: Sleepers, Wake!3
Chapter 13: The Meek Shall Not Go Empty1
Chapter 14: Heart and Mouth and Deed and Life2
Chapter 15: You Shall Weep and Lament2
Chapter 16: What Shall I Make of Thee?1
Chapter 17: I Had Much Sorrow2
Chapter 18: Bring the Hungry Man Thy Bread2
Chapter 19: There Ripens a Dreadful Ending for You4
Chapter 20: See Now What Love1
Chapter 21: False World, I Do Not Trust You 4
Chapter 22: How Brightly Shines the Morning Star 2
Chapter 23: Haste to Strike, Oh Longed for Hour 2
Chapter 24: Ring Out, You Songs, Resound, You Strings!1
Chapter 25: Behold Then and See if There is Any Sorrow1
Chapter 26: They Are All Waiting On Thee3
Chapter 27: Now Goes the Year to its End3
Chapter 28: Oh Glorious Day, Longed-for Time1
Chapter 29: Welcome Joyous Festal Day1
Chapter 30: The Lively Hunt is All My Heart's Desire2
Chapter 31: Why Wilt Thou Trouble Thyself?2
Chapter 32: You Are Torn Loose2
Chapter 33: I Have Placed My Confidence2
Chapter 34: You Towers of Heaven, You Shining Light1
Chapter 35: Enemies, Blow the Alarm!2
Chapter 36: My Life's Breath is Failing3
Chapter 37: A Battle Arose2
Chapter 38: Pleasant Rest, Beloved Soul's Desire1
Chapter 39: In All that I Am Doing2
Chapter 40: Flee Now, Vanish, Yield Now, You Sorrows 1
Chapter 41: I Have Enough1
Chapter 42: Be Mindful of our Condition1
Chapter 43: Let Songs of Rejoicing be Raised1
Chapter 44: Glide, Playful Waves1
Chapter 45: Ah! Now I See, as I Go to the Marriage2
Chapter 46: Epilogue1
Chapter Author's Notes: Notes to Readers4

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