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Just Desserts  by Lindelea
Sequel to "All that Glisters". An elusive figure: Jack, son of Robin, or Robin, son of Jack... he wandered the Shire before the King's Edict, and after (and it is the after that has made him a fugitive for ever more). Now, it seems, he has been discovered. What will be his fate? [Written at the request of Bodkin, who won a guessing game on LJ and claimed this story as the prize.] Note that rating has been changed to PG-13 as a cautionary measure.Note: "Haleth" will be changed to "Haldar" in the coming days. Evidently a feminine name got accidentally added to my list of masculine names. I should have caught it early, but I didn't. ***** Story complete: Epilogue added.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue5
Chapter  1: A Knock at the Door7
Chapter  2: Rude Awakening3
Chapter  3: Shipwreck5
Chapter  4: Flotsam and Jetsam6
Chapter  5: Shadows of the Past4
Chapter  6: Led to the Slaughter5
Chapter  7: Hurry Up and Wait3
Chapter  8: A Cup of Cold Water4
Chapter  9: The Ties that Bind4
Chapter 10: What the Healer Found Out5
Chapter 11: What the Healer Ordered5
Chapter 12: The Party's Over5
Chapter 13: At the End of the Day5
Chapter 14: The Losing Toss4
Chapter 15: For Whom the Bell Tolls5
Chapter 16: Unfinished Business4
Chapter 17: The King Returns4
Chapter 18: In the Shadow of the Scaffold6
Chapter 19: What the Dark Hours Held4
Chapter 20: Peace and Safety7
Chapter 21: The King Takes a Hand5
Chapter 22: Of a Heart, Speaking in the Silence5
Chapter 23: Midnight Conversation6
Chapter 24: The Whipping Ground5
Chapter 25: Consequences6
Chapter 26: Missions of Mercy6
Chapter 27: For Old Times' Sake5
Chapter 28: Resolution6
Chapter 29: A Tale of Two Rangers6
Chapter 30: One Ranger, Two Rangers, Three Rangers, Four6
Chapter 31: To Make a Good End5
Chapter 32: Of Secrets and Sleepyheads5
Chapter 33: All Work and No Play6
Chapter 34: A Token of Gratitude8
Chapter 35: A Long-Awaited Celebration5
Chapter 36: Epilogue12
Chapter Author's Notes: Author's Note6

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