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To See Justice Done  by Lindelea
"Of old, death was the penalty." Such is the knowledge of every guardsman of Gondor, Beregond included. And now that the day of his hearing is at hand, and the King's only choices by tradition death or exile, what shall be his doom? Can anything or anyone save him? This is actually a "Samfic", written when Rabidsamfan requested stories about Samwise. Complete in seven chapters.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Introduction and Author's Notes2
Chapter  1: For All the Good It Would Do6
Chapter  2: (Not to) Let Sleeping Kings Lie5
Chapter  3: A Fate Worse than Death5
Chapter  4: All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go8
Chapter  5: If the Shroud Fits...6
Chapter  6: For Whom the Silver Trumpet Sounds6
Chapter  7: To See Justice Done9

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