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LifeWatch  by Lindelea
First published elsewhere in March '03. Cormallen story from Merry's viewpoint. Companion to poem "Too Young". Thanks to Dreamflower for the beta. Am not writing new material at the moment, so I hope you'll enjoy this "blast from the past", at least until my schedule allows writing time once more. Final chapter added, in which Beregond's friends hear his fate.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Notes3
Chapter  1: Summons10
Chapter  2: Arriving in Ithilien11
Chapter  3: Entering the Grove11
Chapter  4: Holding On14
Chapter  5: Waking Up Again7
Chapter  6: (Not) Getting Up7
Chapter  7: Spending Time6
Chapter  8: Getting Better8
Chapter  9: Pondering10
Chapter 10: Mustering Courage8
Chapter 11: Awakening9
Chapter 12: Musing5
Chapter 13: Washing Troubles Away5
Chapter 14: Celebrating3
Chapter 15: Anticipating6
Chapter 16: Executing Justice8

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