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Dreams of Gold  by Lindelea
While I'm not writing new material at present, I went to a "green concert" last night, and it made me want to post something in honour of those who wear the green. This ficlet is part of a larger work, unfinished and unpublished (except for one chapter that was tacked on to another story as an epilogue of sorts). This part, which can stand alone, seems to be three or four chapters long; don't know, as am cutting and pasting a relatively small part from a very bulky draft. In any event, the story is a snippet out of a longer Quest, regarding hobbits who left the Shire behind to travel Southwards, to Caradhras, Moria, Parth Galen, and beyond. Think good thoughts; perhaps the whole thing will be posted by the 17th.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Awakening5
Chapter  1: A Sliver of Light4
Chapter  2: Dawning Realisations7
Chapter  3: 7

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