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A Matter of Appearances  by Lindelea
A story that naturally follows from Runaway, coming before While There's Breath.... When Pippin sets out to prove to the Tooks his confidence in his disgraced cousins, disaster nearly follows. Note: character death Story complete, except for Author's Notes to come.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Author's Note1
Chapter  1: In which a Took reflects on his present circumstances4
Chapter  2: In which a Took has the best of intentions6
Chapter  3: In which a journey is interrupted6
Chapter  4: In which a Took shows a flair for subtlety5
Chapter  5: In which a celebration is interrupted5
Chapter  6: In which a Took considers appearances5
Chapter  7: In which a messenger is interrupted5
Chapter  8: In which a Took at last makes an appearance8
Chapter  9: In which a murder is interrupted8
Chapter 10: In which a Took hears rather more than he wished8
Chapter 11: In which a good night's sleep is interrupted7
Chapter 12: In which a Took is taken by surprise6
Chapter 13: In which a muster is interrupted7
Chapter 14: In which a Took is abruptly awakened6
Chapter 15: In which a pursuit is interrupted5
Chapter 16: In which a Took makes an appalling discovery8
Chapter 17: Interlude: Some thoughts on practicality6
Chapter 18: In which an argument is interrupted6
Chapter 19: In which a Took pauses for reflection6
Chapter 20: In which a watch is interrupted7
Chapter 21: In which a Took takes breakfast7
Chapter 22: In which a fever is interrupted5
Chapter 23: In which a Took dreams, or does he?5
Chapter 24: In which disquieting thoughts are interrupted5
Chapter 25: In which a Took is outraged by happenings5
Chapter 26: In which a lecture is interrupted6
Chapter 27: In which a Took takes a hint7
Chapter 28: In which a private grief is interrupted7
Chapter 29: In which a Took contemplates the unthinkable6
Chapter 30: In which a private vengeance is interrupted6
Chapter 31: In which a rescue is interrupted7
Chapter 32: In which a Took remembers past troubles6
Chapter 33: In which a well-earned rest is interrupted8
Chapter 34: In which a Took considers justice9
Chapter 35: Eventide6
Chapter 36: Late Supper8
Chapter 37: Midnight supper8
Chapter 38: In the wee hours7
Chapter 39: Halfway to the dawning5
Chapter 40: Not long before dawn5
Chapter 41: Dawning6
Chapter 42: After noon3
Chapter 43: Teatime, and a little before7
Chapter Author's Notes: Best laid plans...2

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