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O The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night  by Lindelea
Finished! Happy Birthday (very very belated of course), Dreamflower! For the occasion, your bunny and the Muse have cooked up a little treat. Synopsis: While travelling with Men who know and love the Shire, Merry and Ferdi tell a tale of an adventure they shared as children. Working title was "Dreamflower's Bunny"
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Introductory Note2
Chapter  1: In which the hobbits try to establish that adventures are not all that common3
Chapter  2: In which larger sisters are likened to orcs, or perhaps trolls3
Chapter  3: In which a young hobbit discovers the delights of forbidden filth4
Chapter  4: In which a young hobbit contemplates the unfairness of life in general and his life in particular4
Chapter  5: In which a young hobbit’s resolve grows, and he decides to set his plan into motion, in the interest of justice4
Chapter  6: In which a young hobbit discovers that naps can be a very useful practice, indeed5
Chapter  7: In which two young hobbits set out in search of justice, that a wrong may be set right again3
Chapter  8: Meanwhile2
Chapter  9: In which young hobbits discover the perils of a watery grave, and have a narrow escape4
Chapter 10: In which young hobbits find a questionable refuge, and the searchers jump to conclusions3
Chapter 11: In which quiet is, as quiet does4
Chapter 12: Meanwhile3
Chapter 13: In which a hobbit surprises himself3
Chapter 14: Interlude4
Chapter 15: In which a youthful hobbit musters his courage3
Chapter 16: In which a youthful hobbit takes up the search2
Chapter 17: In which a youthful hobbit comes to a horrifying conclusion2
Chapter 18: In which a youthful hobbit calls for help4
Chapter 19: ...which is not quite the end of it3
Chapter 20: In which nearly all the adventurers are borne to their beds2
Chapter 21: In which adults don't listen when they ought2
Chapter 22: In which it is shown that not just lads have conspiracies and adventures3
Chapter 23: In which Necessity is the Mother of Invention2
Chapter 24: In which something precious is restored, and what was lost is found again2
Chapter 25: In which all is definitely well that ends well2
Chapter Author's Notes: Final Notes on the Story3

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