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One Who Sticks Closer than a Brother  by Lindelea
Follow-on from A Matter of Appearances. A story exploring friendship, as lived by one of Pippin's cousins in Pippin's early years as Thain.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Introductory Note2
Chapter  1: For All the Wrong Reasons5
Chapter  2: Better Late Than Never4
Chapter  3: Look Before You Leap3
Chapter  4: Once Bitten, Twice Shy5
Chapter  5: Every Dog Has His Day3
Chapter  6: Misery Loves Company4
Chapter  7: Two's Company4
Chapter  8: So Close, and Yet So Far Away4
Chapter  9: Babe in the Woods4
Chapter 10: If You Can't Stand the Heat... 4
Chapter 11: Donít Put All Your Herbs in One Basket 4
Chapter 12: From Bad to Worse5
Chapter 13: An Ounce of Prevention4
Chapter 14: Better Safe than Sorry4
Chapter 15: Out of the Frying Pan4
Chapter 16: Sick as a Dog4
Chapter 17: Measure Twice, Cut Once3
Chapter 18: Digging Himself into a Hole4
Chapter 19: Stuff and Rubbish4
Chapter 20: Food for Thought2
Chapter 21: Well Begun is Half Done3
Chapter 22: A Word to the Wise3
Chapter 23: Whistling in the Dark3
Chapter 24: A Stitch in Time3
Chapter 25: Too Little, Too Late4
Chapter 26: We'll Cross that Bridge When We Come to It3
Chapter 27: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed3
Chapter 28: Will Wonders Never Cease?2
Chapter 29: While Thereís Breath, Thereís Life4
Chapter 30: A Sight for Sore Eyes3
Chapter 31: Paved with Good Intentions3
Chapter 32: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later3
Chapter 33: Like Lambs to the Slaughter2
Chapter 34: All Trussed Up and Nowhere to Go3
Chapter 35: For Old Times' Sake3
Chapter 36: A Tale Oft Told4
Chapter 37: To Sing a Song of Joy4
Chapter 38: If a Thing is Worth Doing4
Chapter 39: Still Waters Run Deep3
Chapter 40: And Wake Me with the Morning Light2
Chapter 41: The Next Best Thing5
Chapter 42: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie4
Chapter 43: Of Travellers and Trouble2
Chapter 44: Healing Hands2
Chapter 45: Sweet Dreams, Good News, and Hope to Come2
Chapter 46: Six of One2
Chapter 47: Half a Dozen of Another2
Chapter 48: Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place3
Chapter 49: Between You, Me, and the Bedpost4
Chapter 50: (Almost) As Fit as a Butcher's Dog3
Chapter 51: A Tale that Grows in the Telling3
Chapter 52: East, West, Home's Best4
Chapter 53: No Time Like the Present3
Chapter 54: The Truth Will Out4
Chapter 55: As Keen as Mustard1
Chapter Author's Notes: Notes0

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