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The Farmer's Son  by Lindelea
This is the story of how the Tooks kept the Tookland free during the Troubles, until the return of the Travellers. (This story sets forth a different view of the Shire from previous stories of mine.)
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Note: How this story came to be5
Chapter  1: A Long-Expected Party9
Chapter  2: Leave-Taking5
Chapter  3: A Problem for the Solving6
Chapter  4: In and Out7
Chapter  5: Of Endings and Beginnings7
Chapter  6: Things that Go Bump in the Night7
Chapter  7: Going about Their Business5
Chapter  8: Of Dreams and Wakenings4
Chapter  9: Encounter with Shadow4
Chapter 10: Watchers Leave their Post3
Chapter 11: Hunters, Hunted4
Chapter 12: Watchers Keep Watch 5
Chapter 13: Hunters' Return2
Chapter 14: Elusive Thought4
Chapter 15: With the Brightening Morn4
Chapter 16: Sleepers Wake1
Chapter 17: Getting Back to Normal2
Chapter 18: A Matter of Missing Ponies1
Chapter 19: Fading Echoes2
Chapter 20: Another Day, Another Dawning1
Chapter 21: Back from the Brink4
Chapter 22: What the Searchers Found4
Chapter 23: At the End of the Day3
Chapter 24: Pieces of a Puzzle4
Chapter 25: As if Nothing Had Happened4
Chapter 26: Offer of Aid4
Chapter 27: Special Delivery4
Chapter 28: Word from Buckland4
Chapter 29: Early Morning Alarm4
Chapter 30: Disaster at Crickhollow6

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