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The Rescue  by Lindelea
When Lotho Sackville-Baggins turned his eye on Odovacar Bolger's fortune and landholdings, Odo found himself seeking a refuge for his only daughter. This is the story of how Estella Bolger took on a new name and identity, and hid amongst the Tooks during the Troubles.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Introduction and Prologue6
Chapter  1: So it begins4
Chapter  2: Into the Darkness4
Chapter  3: Visitors2
Chapter  4: An Un-Expected Party2
Chapter  5: A Busy Day2
Chapter  6: Gathering and Sharing4
Chapter  7: Midnight Arrival1
Chapter  8: Left Behind1
Chapter  9: Surprises4
Chapter 10: Departure3
Chapter 11: Journey in the Dark6
Chapter 12: Progress4
Chapter 13: A Shortcut to Mushrooms3
Chapter 14: The Luck of the Tooks5
Chapter 15: Of Comfrey and Comfort5
Chapter 16: "It's all downhill..."4

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