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You Can Lead a Took to Water  by Lindelea
(Continuation of a birthday mathom, for your reading pleasure.) Young Pippin performs an heroic rescue, returns a favour, and makes a friend. And so, here we come to the end of all things, in this story at least. That's one WIP finished. Thank you for coming along on the journey, and for your patience. Wishing you the best in these difficult times. Dreamflower, I dedicate this story to you. Happy Birthday (or unBirthday), and many happy returns.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The One that Almost Got Away7
Chapter  2: To Land A Fair Sized Fish4
Chapter  3: Making Do2
Chapter  4: A Man in the Kitchen5
Chapter  5: An Un-expected Message6
Chapter  6: Help Arrives6
Chapter  7: How to Dose a Man?7
Chapter  8: In the Middle Night4
Chapter  9: And Wake Me 'ere the Morning Light6
Chapter 10: A Prancing Pony Breakfast4
Chapter 11: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due1
Chapter 12: All's Well that Ends Well2

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