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Horse Lady of Rohan  by Mimi Lind
Wynne must marry an elf, preferably King Thranduil or Legolas. Sent by her ambitious mother to journey with the elves, she has to pursue them by any means - but apparently One Does Not Simply enter a human-elf relationship. When they discover strange, tiny orcs, her quest takes a new direction. (Post-Lord of the Rings, slowburn Legolas x OC) COMPLETE!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: An Unpleasant Assignment0
Chapter  2: Meeting the Elvenking0
Chapter  3: Choosing Horses0
Chapter  4: Around the Campfire0
Chapter  5: The Brown Lands1
Chapter  6: The First Orc Encounter0
Chapter  7: Drinking With Elves0
Chapter  8: Wynne Can Not Sleep0
Chapter  9: Being Helpful0
Chapter 10: Braided by an Elf0
Chapter 11: Hunting Warg Riders0
Chapter 12: Captured by Orcs0
Chapter 13: Legolas to the Aid1
Chapter 14: Finding a Map0
Chapter 15: Drinking with Elves (again)0
Chapter 16: Heart-to-heart with Thranduil0
Chapter 17: Daydreaming in Emyn Muil0
Chapter 18: Mysterious Footsteps0
Chapter 19: Finding Tiny Orcs1
Chapter 20: Persuading an Uruk-hai0
Chapter 21: Thranduil Needs a Pedicure0
Chapter 22: Watching Stripping Elves1
Chapter 23: It Always Rains on Camping Trips0
Chapter 24: An Uruk-hai's Childhood0
Chapter 25: Thranduil Is a Horse0
Chapter 26: Battling a Troll0
Chapter 27: Finding a Healer0
Chapter 28: Orc Medicine0
Chapter 29: Legolas Tripping on Poppy0
Chapter 30: Sidra Tries to Apologize0
Chapter 31: Peace Treaty in the Making0
Chapter 32: A Secret Relationship0
Chapter 33: Laundry Day in a Cave0
Chapter 34: Legolas Behaves Badly0
Chapter 35: The Orc Farm0
Chapter 36: Childish Puppy Love0
Chapter 37: The Ballad of the Ring0
Chapter 38: Thranduil on a Cricket Diet0
Chapter 39: Finding a Lake to Swim in0
Chapter 40: Battling a Lake Monster0
Chapter 41: Legolas tells of the Fellowship0
Chapter 42: The Falls of Rauros0
Chapter 43: Galion Knows About Wine0
Chapter 44: Reaching Osgiliath1
Chapter 45: Legolas Meets an Old Friend0
Chapter 46: Wynne Meets a Lady Dwarf0
Chapter 47: Legolas Gets Therapy0
Chapter 48: Preparing for a Party0
Chapter 49: The Elvenking Is Not Happy0
Chapter 50: Love and Desire0
Chapter 51: To Minas Tirith1
Chapter 52: An Unexpected Meeting0
Chapter 53: Mother Knows Best0
Chapter 54: Truths Revealed0
Chapter 55: Pride and Vanity0
Chapter 56: An Unfair Ultimatum0
Chapter 57: Battle of the Titans0
Chapter 58: Plans Undone0
Chapter 59: A Fond Farewell0
Chapter 60: Returning to Eryn Lasgalen0
Chapter 61: Coming Home to Rohan0
Chapter 62: An Elvish Wedding0
Chapter 63: Epilogue1

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