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The Rebel  by Lindelea
The day after the battle Frodo rode to Michel Delving and released the prisoners from the Lockholes. One of the first that they found was poor Fredegar Bolger, Fatty no longer. He had been taken when the ruffians smoked out a band of rebels that he led from their hidings up in the Brockenbores by the hills of Scary.--"The Grey Havens"
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Notes to Readers1
Chapter  1: "Then I Would Like Supper First, and After That a Pipe"4
Chapter  2: A Great Smoke Went Up2
Chapter  3: “I Think I Could Help You” 0
Chapter  4: “Shall I Ever Look Down Into that Valley Again, I Wonder?”2
Chapter  5: "Courage is Found in Unlikely Places"0
Chapter  6: “I Wish I Could See Cool Sunlight and Green Grass Again!”1
Chapter  7: “I am Tired, Weary, I Haven’t a Hope Left”1
Chapter  8: “Just Clean Water and Plain Daylight”10
Chapter Author's Notes: Note1

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