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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth

Froi's business was more successful than he had ever imagined it could be. To be fair, when he had first taken the palantir, Froihadno definite planfor it. As he traveled eastward, he had thought to use the seeing stone to guide the reconstruction ofKhazad-dm. But the best of intentions often go awry and Froi had stumbled upon a different use for it. Within weeks of its arrival in Khazad-dm, the palantir, despite being made by an elf, was by far the best known and the most utilized artifacts in the Dwarrowdelf.

It fact, it was a bit too popular. The work schedule was beginning to suffer because of it.

Frar, the foreman, began to make discrete enquiries. It had taken some time, but he had eventually discovered the source of the problem.

He chastised Froi in private, confiscated the palantir and then wondered what to do with it. The thing most certainly belonged to the new King of Gondor, but Frar had grave doubts over sending it to Aragorn Telecontar without first changing the images it displayed. Before the lads could become restless, he packaged the palantir and sent it, under heavily armed escort, to Thorin Son of Nain, King under Mountain.

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