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How to Make a Match  by Lindelea

Truest love

Disheveled, Pimpernel entered the parlour and took the cup of tea Ferdi handed her. She wiped an errant strand of hair from her brow and sighed.

'What is it, Nell-my-own?'


'Mud, dearest?'

'Farry, that... that young ruffian! Stuffed a handful of mud down Goldi Gamgee's back! Diamond was fit to be...!' Her husband's chuckle stopped her. 'What are you about?'

'Ah, my love, I fear the match is made.'

Nell grinned, remembering a handful of mud down her own back, and said, 'She gave as good as she got, anyhow. Washed Farry's face with mud!'

'And so it begins...'


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