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How to Make a Match  by Lindelea


What did you think you were doing, Farry?

(whispered) He’s but a little child, Pip!

I know, my love, but he ought to know better. He must! The wild green hills are no place for I-hide-and-you-seek-me with a mere faunt!

Goldi’s not a faunt!

Oh? And you, not much more than a faunt, Farry, how ever did you elude your minder, leading that wee lass into the wilds…?

I didn’t!

Farry! Be truthful!

But I didn’t, Mum, truly…

Truly, Farry?

Truly! It was she who led me!

Oh, aye.


Isn’t that always how it is…? (laughing despite himself) Ouch!

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