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How to Make a Match  by Lindelea

Chapter 9. Crisis

There’s knocking at the door. Goldi scarcely notices, until Hamfast asks their mum, 'What's that Took doing in the parlour?'

Indignant, Goldi interrupts, 'He's not a Took, he's a Brandybuck!'

'He lives in Tookland!'

Their mum, reading a hastily written note, says to their sister, ‘Well, Ellie, it seems your father has been detained in Tookland and won't be able to help get ready for the trip. I need to put together a few things.'

'What is it, Mama? Has something happened to Hairy-Farry's papa?'

But her mum doesn’t answer.

'O Farry,' she breathes, sudden tears coming to her eyes.

A/N: This drabble reflects the time in At the End of His Rope portrayed in this chapter.

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