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How to Make a Match  by Lindelea

Goldi Gamgee ponders benefits along with costs

Chapter 12. From Pillar to Post

When your parents leave on an extended journey, and take your eldest sister with them, there is at first all the excitement of preparations, then packing, then leave-taking; especially leave-taking, with all the fine parties and affairs and special treats and farewell speeches.

Once the actual fare-welling is done, you realise that they are gone, and not-coming-back-for-ever-so-long. A day is forever, a week eternity, and they will be gone for many. And Post – even Quick Post – will take days!

After the weeping, and the not-being-able-to-sleep, and the being-off-one’s-feed, comes the comfort of visiting. Buckland first. And then – the Great Smials!

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