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Magical Moment  by Ellynn

Note: Thanks to Erulisse for beta-reading. *hugs*


This time something was different than before. Suddenly curious, Arwen looked the young man over with more care. His face revealed so much more than he was aware. His expression was alternating between rapturous and confused, his cheeks were coloured crimson, his eyes were glowing and he had a shy smile on his lips.

Of course, she recognized what was happening. The first meeting, and love at first sight. That very special moment that so many artists tried to capture: painters with their colours, poets with their words. It was that special moment in which the whole world changes and nothing is like it was before; a moment in which that single person becomes the most important person in the universe and everything revolves around her.

It was not difficult to read the emotions stirring the young man's soul. She had seen it many times through her long life. Several times she had witnessed those beautiful moments in which her dear friends had found the love of their lives and she had rejoiced with them. And sometimes, such feelings were directed towards her. Many, both elves and men, had reacted in that way when seeing her for the first time, and it had always saddened her to be the cause of someone's pain and broken heart.

How many times had she wondered if she would ever find love? She knew no answer. She had often thought that she would find it only in Valinor, once she followed her mother's path and sailed to the West. In all her long years, no one in Rivendell nor Lothlorien had ever moved her heart and she already thought that there was nobody for her on this side of the sea.

And then fate surprised her after all! She smiled, feeling warmth in her heart. Finally she found love, just when she had expected it the least. Who would ever have prophesied that, in the dark years when Sauron's sinister shadow spread relentlessly over Middle-earth, she would live to see such happy moments? She discovered that all the verses about love she had ever read, about the excited quivering of the heart and about the happiness that the presence of the loved one would bring, couldn't evoke those feelings. Because reality her beloved's smile, that special look in his eyes when they looked into hers, the touch of his hand was much more beautiful than the most vibrant poem.

Watching the young man, her heart leaped happily. She tried to be objective, although she knew that her feelings could not be controlled. Though young, he was tall and strong; his grey eyes and dark hair clearly revealed his Numenorean heritage. His face was fair and noble, and it shone.

The first meeting, the first sight. That magical moment.

Yes, this was undoubtedly it. So, the moment has finally come, she thought. She turned her gaze towards the girl whom she had met earlier. The daughter of the lord of Lebenin was beautiful, but more importantly, she was a nice and generous person. Arwen's smile became even wider when she realized that the girl was looking at Eldarion the same way he was gazing at her. The two young people didn't see anyone else in the dancing hall. The celebrations around them were forgotten, they only had eyes for each other.

The Queen turned towards her husband and met his merry look telling her that he had noticed the very same thing she had. In his eyes she also saw that, just like her, this moment had reminded him of their own first meeting. The circumstances had been different then there had been no one around, the grass had whispered underneath their feet, and above them had swayed the leafy crowns of birches. But the emotions in their hearts and the smiles on their faces had been just like those of the young man and girl standing in front of them.

The first meeting, and love at first sight.


So... did you guess correctly? *grins*



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