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The Proposition  by Lindelea

Story Notes

Thanks to Dreamflower for beta-reading and insightful comments!

This story has the potential to be complete in four chapters (plus this chapter of notes), or has the possibility to continue along the timeline until shortly after the Battle of Bywater, when the timeline says Rosie and Hally are dragged before the Thain, to be judged as collaborators.

Not sure yet, just how things will go.

The Proposition is a companion to The Rescue, laying down a foundation for that story -- and if it continues past the fourth chapter, it will run concurrent with that story (though Rescue branches off when Estella leaves the forest Bolgers), as well as with early chapters of Flames, until a month or so after the Battle of Bywater.

All stories mentioned in these notes are posted here on SoA.

As always, comments are most welcome.

Chapter 1 Notes

Mistress Lalia's plot to marry Rosemary off to Thain Ferumbras, and the subsequent conspiracy to effect the tween's escape and the serious consequences that followed for Rosemary and her family are detailed in Pearl of Great Price.

Chapter 21 Notes

The story of Hally and Rosemary's first meeting is told in Kindling Flames, which has sat on the shelf for a long time, unfortunately, but has not been forgotten. One of these days, when the current crop of WIPs is finished, I hope to return to that story. Among others. Think good thoughts, and thanks.

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