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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG

Summary: In the spring of 2012, four American children find themselves thrust into an unfamiliar world and part of an unexpected adventure.  This story is AU, and blends Lord of the Rings book-verse and movie-verse.  This story also contains a lot of spiritual and religious content as a part of the AU elements.

Disclaimer: The world of Middle-earth and all its peoples belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien; the three films of The Lord of the Ringsbelong to New Line Cinema and to Peter Jackson.  This story is not for profit, but is a gift for the enjoyment of those who read it.

Citations: In most chapters, there will be some quotations directly from both the books and/or the movies.  Quotations from Tolkien's books are in italics, and quotations from the movies are underlined.  Occasional quotations from other sources as well as silent dialogue, words spoken in emphasis, and passages from the Bible will also be in italics, and those citations will be footnoted at the end of each chapter in which they occur. We will also footnote research sources and credit the ideas of other people.

Thanks: We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable help of our beta, Linda Hoyland, another well-known and prolific LotR fanwriter, whose many wonderful stories also grace this site.

Chapter 62: One Last Hope, Part 2

The group which had gone to the disastrous "parley" with the Mouth of Sauron quickly made it back to the battle lines.  Kevin was both grief-stricken and furious, and he could see that Pippin was, as well.  Poor Frodo and Sam.  He shuddered to think of their torture.  He glanced at Aragorn and Boromir, who seemed to not be fazed by the horrible news.

"How can they do it?" he said aloud.  "How can they possibly be so calm after hearing that Frodo and Sam were captured?  We came all this way for nothing!"

"Kevin!" Elladan said sharply from his seat in front of the boy.  "Think!  There was one cloak, one sword, one shirt of armour…"  He stopped mid-sentence to allow Kevin to take in what he said.

Kevin gasped.  "You mean they only caught one of them?  But was it Frodo, or was it Sam?"

"That we cannot know, Kevin.  But if Frodo was captured, we would know for certain, for the Enemy would have the Ring, and he would have already crushed us long before we arrived here."  

“But it was Frodo's mithril coat!”

"And the sword belonged to Samwise.  That was not Sting."  After a pause, Elladan continued, "It is even possible that our friends discarded those items to aid themselves in escaping the Enemy.  Or it could be something of which we could never guess." 

Kevin glanced over at Pippin, as he rode behind Boromir.  The hobbit's sorrow was clear.  "I don't think Pippin has thought of those things yet."

Elladan's voice grew concerned.  "I think you are right.  If you cannot find a chance to speak with him before the battle, then do what you can to keep him in sight during the fighting; I fear lest he allow himself to be harmed in his grief and despair."

"Oh, no!  I mean, yes, I will do my very best, Elladan."

"As will I.  And yet, we may all be swept apart in the rush of battle.  I will release my mount, as I am to help lead some of the levies from the countryside; Pippin will be afoot among the Guardsmen, and I will set you there among them as well."

"Yes, sir!" Kevin replied, realizing he had received his orders.  As soon as they came near the group of Guardsmen, Elladan halted and let Kevin slip down.  Pippin had yet to arrive among them.  

Aragorn had stopped at the front of the lines.  He was still on his horse, but Boromir dismounted from Hrimfax and lifted Pippin down.  He patted the hobbit on the head, and Pippin wiped his eyes and gave Boromir a brief embrace, before trotting in the direction of a small contingency in black-and-white livery.  As soon as Kevin saw Pippin, he headed in the hobbit’s direction.  He hoped he would get time before the fighting started to tell the hobbit what Elladan had said.  Elladan had dismounted as well, and he sent his horse away before melting into the crowd of fighters.

Kevin had reached the Guardsmen, and was trying to see Pippin, who had somehow put himself right at the front and middle.  He had to crane his neck to see the small figure with his sword held out.  At the same time, he saw Sauron’s enormous army exiting the gates and beginning to surround them all; he also noticed fear etching his companions’ faces as they fidgeted.  But before Kevin could move closer to Pippin's position, everyone's attention was suddenly fixed on Aragorn, who, sword held high, began to ride before the assembled armies.

His eyes were flashing, and his voice was full of passion.  “Hold your ground!  Hold your ground!  Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.  A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.  An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day!  This day, we fight!!  By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!”

When Aragorn returned to the centre again, he dismounted and dismissed his horse.  All the horses were being sent to the back, where Eomer would be leading their small cavalry into the battle.  He stared at their small force, and then, before he turned with Anduril flashing, Kevin could see his lips move: ‘For Frodo!’  Then he faced the enemy, running at them with a yell.

Kevin certainly got a good look at Pippin then, because as soon as Aragorn started running, Pippin did as well, with a fierce scream of defiance.  He was soon far ahead of the Guardsmen, but their longer legs brought them around the smaller warrior, and at last, Kevin caught up with him.

We're not here to defeat Sauron's army, he reminded himself, as he tried to keep pace with Pippin.  We're here to distract Sauron, so that Frodo and Sam will have a chance to finish the job.

Of course, he couldn't talk to Pippin, but at least he tried to remain close by, and it was working until the enemy caught up and the clash began, and Kevin was fighting for his life as he had in Helm's Deep and upon the Pelennor.

But there was no dismissing the furious little hobbit, who swung his sword with abandon, cutting the orcs behind the knees or ankles, bringing them to the ground, where his comrades, including Kevin, could finish them off.

Kevin was drenched in black blood, and he could see Pippin also drenched in orc blood, still fighting.  He was glad to see Beregond and a couple of other Guardsmen nearby, when there was the sound of thunderous footsteps, and Kevin saw a sight he had never hoped to see again: a troll.  It was bigger and nastier than the one they'd fought in Moria, and it was clearing its way with wide swings of its immense club.  Then it reached down and grabbed one of the Guardsmen with one hand.  The area around it had cleared somewhat as fighters on both sides were trying to avoid it, but Pippin was running at it screaming and swinging his sword.

With dread, Kevin increased his pace.  He saw Pippin duck beneath its legs, turn, and swoop down to slash at the back of the monster's legs, and deliver a deep cut to the back of both ankles. Pippin's sharp barrow-blade had no trouble slicing through the thick troll hide.  Kevin saw it drop the Guardsmen and sway slightly.  Pippin was right there, stopped and breathing heavily.  The troll began to topple.  Kevin dove down between its legs like he was sliding into first base and grabbed Pippin with both arms, gathering both himself and the hobbit up as closely as he could, while the troll toppled down upon them.

The last thing Kevin recalled was blackness and the stench of the creature that was crushing them.

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