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The Story of Aule's Firstborn  by Ellynn

Durin was confused.

Seemingly, everything was just like before. He dealt with all his duties from mining to governing just like he did until now. But at the same time, everything was different.

Sometimes, he stopped in the middle of the sentence and his thoughts wandered off, and he didn't know any more what he wanted to say. He smiled much more often than usually. Even the food didn't taste the same. He couldn't focus on anything not even on exploring the depths of Khazad-dum.

What was happening to him? He just couldn't understand.

And when the evenings came, when across the hall filled with songs and laughter he looked at her eyes and smile, his knees were shaking and dozens of butterflies were playing in his stomach.

And he wondered is it possible? Is it possible that she was the reason for all that? Can the world really change so much because of just one person?


End note:

So tell me, dear readers... can it really change so much? :)

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