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The Story of Aule's Firstborn  by Ellynn

The midwife appeared through the door.

"You can come in now, your highness," she said and moved aside.

I jumped on my feet and rushed into the chamber. My beloved lay on the bed. I immediately saw she was exhausted, but as she looked at the wrapped bundle in her arms, there was a broad/wide smile on her face. I sat next to her and looked at him.

My son.

I watch this small face and tiny hands. My son. Beautiful. Perfect. I take him into my arms, hold him to my chest, and close my eyes.

All that was most important until now ceased to be. All that I considered the most beautiful now faded. The centre of the world and of the whole universe has just changed.

I watch him. I smile. He peacefully sleeps. I'll tell him stories, one day. I'll teach him. I'll tell him all I know.

And thinking about it, thinking about all we'll do together, I suddenly understood. Now I know how my father felt.

I hold my son, and for a moment, I see much further. I don't see just him, but all the others who will come later. My son will also have a son, and so will he. In front of my eyes many faces flew.

I blinked and everything became normal again; I am here in the present moment, with my beloved and my son. I am happy and dontent. Because I feel that, no matter how many millennia will pass and how much the world will change, no matter all the ups and downs that will happen, our line will endure until the end of Arda.


The End.

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