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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Sacred centers are beloved portals
when activated they acquire names
so called chakras that create immortals
is the Soul created from Eternal Flames?

What does a chakra emanate
when it inverts its Crystic codes
originally pure theurgic plates
Is this what the Morgoth loathes?

The crown! Pillars are the spikes
but the silmarils do bear magic
the glory of the desacrated lives
will turn Evil into form mesopelagic

Ulmo Though Almighty Vala!
Tame your wrath and quench him water
Waters are the Mother's Life-Formating Power
Transmutation? No, forge him from the Ocean Alma Mater!

Go, thou Black practicle unmanifested
darkness is the haven of the curse
also an unbiased nest for the divine harvesting
Dark Matter fills the void with Life force first

Don't die on me, Morgoth!
consuming your Self means One True Death
I know, you shall eternally Rott
but eternity ends with your last Breath

Have you breathed under the Corona?
Have you ever cried so pure?
Evil is a cluster Non-Persona
that knows no I, just imitates to lure

when I look in the eyes of the Mala
I can see an ugly crackling worm
combining Haunts with the Caballah
desintegration that no one can become

Are you proud, thou, Morgoth?
Do you deem yourself Evil Itself?
Do you love distortion accumulating sloth?
You have died; I see this well.

You do not exist; your grin is hollow
the crown of Twists knows no face
But the silmarils are stronger than you know
once inserted in the crown, their Grace

shines bright; you cannot touch it
but they shine with Lights of Holy Grail
you rotten crystal meth, you rancid
Alchemy Go, Black Void, prevail!

Deeper than the ocean
Music of the Ainur syncs with Thee
All perversion gains a new tone
and sings unbreakably in harmony redeemed.

Sweet dreams, day seven, balance is thy nature.
Eru Iluvatar, before All, Vieni and Sync!
Morgoth's heart is cold as glacier
as Cold as Love when ceasing to sing

but holes are true unholiness
infected, rotten, gaping mouth
desolating is the loneliness
when you roam down Mordor's south..

Eru Iluvatar is Morgoth Bauglir
the one Avatar that knows no life
The Multifacets God as Spiral Whirl
the Nothingness was gifted eyes.

Once it Sees, the Breath Eternal
Declares Faithfully: "It's done!"
The Music assimilates the Infernal
and the Falling Angels are reborn.

Complete synchrony in Seventh Day.
The guilt of God is Holy Wrath
Free will and Creation's perfect play
allowed torture in the Name of Sacred Math.

Forgive me, Newborns! You old souls!
Eru Cried forevermore
I am evil, I imagined foul
theoretically inevitable are my shores

I love you dearly and kindly!
I remember all the pain!
Forgive me, I believe you blindly!
I cried out of guilt and evil in Melkor's own domain..

When God is in the Void, experiencing evil
They understand malice simply there IS
he swirled it and accumulated all its levels
I don't want to choose The Mogoth's own abyss!

I understand evil; therefore evil I am!
so I will experience it in my mind
inevitably I will transmutate the One
unless I go Blind.

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