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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

A mysterious wanderer
Do I dare know your name or daith,
You truly shine like conquerer
of Justice in the name of Faith.

Cross! Sword! A crown...!
Echoes of utterance beyond starlight
Beautiful cosmic gown
is swirling "Nas ne dagoyaat!, We'll Fight!

Fight in the name of Defense
and actually overwinning
we are Overlords, commence

The Epoch of Of I Amar, beginning!

I amar prestar aen,
han mathon ne nen,
han mathon ne chae

a han noston ned 'wilith.

He vanished. A misty story ~
and beyond.
Unreal vision, and planished
silver armor
... and a bond.

For the first time, aweing,
unknown, comming from nowhere,
I'm here, oh, crying,
marvelled at your noble glare.

Kiss me! You sing out
with a shouting tone

I'm here without

my Crown of Noldor or a Throne.

I am the King!
I have been reborn
I see your angel wings
You deeply mourn.

Mourn for me, My Lady Queen!
Mourn for Gil Galad!
Mourn for what has been!
Of him a harper, sad,

sang of realms so fair
free, and noble-born.
Like my Spirit, my heir,
He rode away; Oh horn!

Shall he ever return?
With his long sword and lance so keen?
He once again, in darkness burnt,

Is somewhat ... to be seen.

In an eye so blue and cold

in a lake with vapour icy,

he wandered, once more bold,

the same silver glacies.

His eyes - Fingon I see,
in the heart - his son - so Free...!

King of the Noldor,
mirroring his armour - stars ,
Last Free Kingdom, with an odour,

Of Quartz..!

He shall be a King no more,
but there's rumours to be spread,
that legacies forevermore
Will meet; as they have bled...!

Bleed, as you are Brave!
In the darkest of Red Eyes
to disappear is not a grave!

Fall, oh, you Emerin of Skies!

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