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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Annatar, Annatar,you Lord of Gifts?
Do you want un dono or some poison?
Your Seprentongue silently whisps
Bring me All the Noise In.
Occult, Occult,
Ash Nazg - Krimpatul.
Shte pokadza cvyat
Umri - Gurzul.
Oh, hello, there fair face?
Should I always call you An?
Or the feminine hipocricy stays,
always sodomised by Morgoth's plan.
Oh, you Elven Prince,
so melancholically assertive,
You are serious and rinse
your eyes and parts dirth of.
I heard a story unbegotten
A wedding day with paperwhite crowns
Thou shall Becometh Me, Once,
The Almighty Decad, essence Unforgotten.
You, Morgoth, wear an ocular globus
embedded as a jewel in your front
Today, the Trinity of the Nobus
and uttered...
Acrobatic treasure hunt..!

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