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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

My dear.... my beloved,
Light of the Almighty Source,
A Life Giving Dream of
Protection, as it is more than a Force.

Can you imagine captivations
in Morgoth's antilight den that wrings
when you lost all hope in damnation,
salvation is all you awe, for it welfare brings.

Living on an isolated plane..  
where all the gore is normalised
wars are means of winning, bane
is considered to be civilised....

But when you die, what happens?
Oh, the bliss of Multisphered Shires
You realise what holiness is, dark ends
are also unmanifested; eternal is the fire.

Laurelin, Thelperion!
Bringers of the Life!
You prepared for celebrations so merry, on
a day that Triumps the Skies.

Fruits, fragrance and music,
abundance, gratitude and smiles,
cherries, apples and fluids
transcendentally communicating while

everyone was cheerfully preparing
to manifest a new good will
as sacred as the hearts of those caring
having faith in the Plan so Absolute, it thrills.

Everyone is merriest;
only noble souls in harmony, egregore,
floating around in God itself - this fest
was meant to be unison but ... suddenly... an Error!

Ezellohar, the Trees you nourished!
But Melkor summoned himself - as ancient as the Warps,
he speared the holiness, so hellishly gorish,
AntiMetatronic Flower sucked to feed his corpse.

Sight, sound, and will, usually agile.
It shattered them all, as they lost.
The Light was desacrated ... so fragile..
The Void was occupied by a Parasite host!

Orome and Tulkas' mission failed
warrios of light, where did you gooo??
When your hopes get shattered, and THEY HAIL???

DO you know what it is like
to be responsible for the divine protection,
so the Holiest realm, before it could sprout,
like a child was murdered; for resurrections.

I.... ohh..ohh mmyy...
whh-h-at happened? I ...
why could I not defend?

Tears of desolation, so damn polite...

Morgoth grinned.

"Your trees -
they  had  to meet
their end !"

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