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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

A tender smile on a strong face
with a cheekbone so acute
Are you reconsidering your ways,
now that the past weighs down your route?

An Elve has a tender heart,
beauty and fine scenery define him,
even when pride burns as art,
and corrupts his intentions within.

I like it, how innocence blushes
healing your cheeks of a child;
I want to return home, it pushes
me, and I go desperately wild....

Have you ever abandoned a woman?
A wife even, that bore you kids?
Did you swear an oath to your adolescent men,
your kin - destroyed - purity it needs.

Maglor sings at the seaside
And let him be gifted with God power;
actually God's power does hide
inside each soul that unleashes; the hour

has come. Oh, Elbereth!
Let Manwe's Light protect our Faiths!
Our bravery always lets
Lack of disbelief to stand its grace...!

Once Sauron sung to incite
disrespect of the Almighty Power
Holy and Tender inside,
The Light Trone Naive is Not; Our

Lord that knows Mercy and Forgiveness.
We shouldn't feel guilty or let go of our way
to instill purity and respect as to whitness
how every starlight becomes brighter each day...

Feanor, oh Crafter!
You talented with wisdom Royalty!
Unleash your childish laughter
remember the origin of loyalty!

As there is One Rule to Keep them All
One Rule for Each Elve that Exists
Never Betray a Brother of Kin, as it shall enthral
sinchrony to become unenchantingly forgetful of remiss....

Love me under the starry night
on snow as white and shiny as your soul
Let your Fire become Pure Light...
May your Eyes never get Low!

Not Low as an earthquake
or the witchhouse sounds of Creation
But it is said that you shall wake,
regain your Arisoticracy through new chelations...

If I could give you a gift
I would draw a card of remembrance
for the ships you've drowned so swift,
believing in the Purity of Silmarils without ascendance...

You believed that Varda did protect them?
Yes, she did - she put a shield
But their Souls communicate with you and then
from inside they your emanations wield....

So much desacration,
So much sorrow and pain...
Could it be that damnation
leaked inside from their inner domain?

So I will crown you now, you firstborn Son!
Of Finwe's House, a genius;
Let them be purified with your tears pouring down...
Glass pigmented soul selenius!

I will sing in Noldor speech
let it tenderly affect my mouth
so it can naturally come out as to teach

us of the New Ways that are so Explosively Couth!

I heard you ended your life path
by explosion so abruptive and demostrative
Let generations sing of Feanor's loving Wrath!

For your eternal choices I deeply Grieve!

Oh Elvenson, you are a Legend
and Today - I wonder where you are
I just know you decipher it all, but vengence
is an equal of War.

Ascend, my Love!
And remember the Queen's bidding
NEVER hurt your Kin of Dove!
But it shall not be a law forbidding...
It shall be a feeling from within and above...

While we dance, we started swirling
and the Sky got lost in our Dreams
So Creation exquisitly twirling
shall create Silmaril Moonbeams...

Aia María quanta Eruanno
Hail Mary, full of grace

i Héru aselyë
the Lord is with thee

aistana elyë imíca nísi
blessed art thou amongst women

ar aistana i yávë mónalyo Yésus.
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Airë María Eruo ontaril
Holy Mary, Mother of God

á hyamë rámen úcarindor
pray for us sinners

sí ar lúmessë ya firuvammë: násië.
now and at the hour of our death: Amen!

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