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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Pride's Wrath tore the Air  
from Mirkwood, now the Silver Grey;  
I can see a Prince, an Heir  
That does not Obey.  

For he used to be a King -  
a fair one, with scar.  
Probably some amber rings  
noble, like a star.  

It was heard that in a swamp  
where Frodo Once Fell  
White-Haired Elitist revamped;  
the pure racial Self.  
Oropherion's succesor with a crown,  
has been contempating for a while  
"He has truly fucking won!"  
And he started hitting with adolescent vibe.  
Suddenly he youth regained;  
Still, a King in a Throned Hall;  
Why do I need the throne, oh Lady Bane!  
To another King you've shown it all  
I hate you, I will murder him!  
He didn't say out of pitiful evil  
Rather manly passion from within  
A Sword Fight he initiated - so medieval.  
He walked haughtily in Fingon's hall  
unexpecting, in a humble bliss,  
Thranduil has started hitting him with all  
he had, as he was pissed.  
"I will kill you!" ~  
Rivalry of the Highness  
You said " Will you... will you"  
And she answered yes.  
(Thranduil's tears)  
Without mineness...

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