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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

How deep is Mordor's South?
From beyond the Blackened Skies
Elephants, thunder and drums of sabaoth
They carried A Priestess High.

Rumours had been spreading
of a new emanation at the world's end
She appeared, carried, with golden beddings
Hair with candles lit at their bottom to transcend.

Oh, Lady Bat Bayan!
She entered Angband where Morgoth nested;
You are the One!
She pointed him and manifested

with a lazer explosion
on the altar wall
An Alien Elohim of the implosion
got embedded, started with a drawl;

Electronic Robotic voices
that became alive in Fragmentation
The Human Multifacet noises
will lead to eternal Breath of Augmentation...

Eru Iluvatar, Alive!
Like Tibet's hidden Avatars
Gods Hybernating to Dive
in the Stars and Trips and... Wars...?

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