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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

In a forging place of stone
black and blue like Celebrimbor's eyes
I smell mysterious cologne
and steel clattering; soul-wise.
Aule, mindblown, observes
a new alchemic process;
Mairon's blood swirls
through a crystal in the chest to fluoresce.
Annektar's spirit being forged
with Christic energy never before seen;
shall it go boring, as a lore?
No it shapeshifts; activate the lien.
Immunity, but also Free Will.
Has another one bettered His Creator?
As even Aule lost it, ill,
he thought that Mairon was eternal traitor.
But Celebrimbor, as Feanor's heart pulsates,
is genetically predisposed;
It is not that the rings were baits,
he did it out of pure desire to own those.
Yes, I saw him walking so assertive,
confident and strongly proud,
He conveyed to me Vilya so furtive,
was it Annatar or Noldor Lord?
Yes, the Elve shall manifest.
As Sauron won't fall to doom;
yes a doom but epic; Black Speechy at best;
You shall give it but to whom?
Does she ever keep the secrecy?
Or is she the secret itself?
An Elve is an Elve - so pretty full of decency!
Explode and Die in flames, New Self!
The result is Unknown and this is the point
the Abundant Universe of Forms
It shall never disappoint!
Supreme alchemy - Eternal Warns!
Sing for me, as even the Allfather
had lost hope for his spirit's survival
yet Always full of Faith; so gather,
Sauron, you bloody rival!
I simply Walked into Mordor.
Crushed the Gate with Atomic Waves
Then I Swirled Sauron, Between middle Earth's borders,
Creation - Go !, and Forge Ablaze!

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