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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

A Silent Night village near a forest,
so faye, full of magic and dreams,
the shoemaker's house got effloresced,
a secret number of elfs entered with gleams.
They started working silently
and childishly waggish
The next day, the craftsman privately
found artisan footwear; they had vanished.
This story repeated itself
the next days, and he knew
it was an elf on a shelf
and he started wanting to surprise them at dew.
But what was the horrific heart attack
of the tireless little fairytale curved shoes,
when their eternity's enemy in black
as clothes appeared; gifts that fooled
the honest heart of the shoemaker,
that never stopped mourning after this doom,
but this insight was fateful and an inner waker;
the beginning of a new story abloom.
As the Mithril reflected the Sunlight
Of Galadriel's hair she blessefully offered
to Gimli as a gesture of peace; she was right,
as her All-Seeing eye, Lady Faith's, fostered
the Little Children that hid inside these Clothes;
human-born, originating from the shoemaker's goodwill,
and the mischievous fayes got tricksed; but never! exposed,
now transferred under a wooden door in Valinor's trees so still.
As the purpose of this death
was that they would ever mourn
over the shoemaker deathwept
this was Salvation of a curse unworn.
Finland, oh portal!
"Arwen", I'll utter!
Immortality of Elves is sacredly aortal
Never betray it, but her
motivation behind the story
was the vision of her children; their birth;
I know, her father mourns; she's sorry;
and she'll turn into a river, and birds
will fly, migrating into the unknown;
Never let me through the Snowy Fir Tree Forest's gate!
Family and laughter shall never be alone;
punishment in Halls where they shall wait.
The mystery that Samwise heartfelt with jingling bells,
is mirages of their essence true
and this magic, silestesia, of spells,
Shoemaker shall disenchant the Shoe!
Let her Enter! The Elf King said,
but she never moved a step;
as a statue forevermore she wept;
responsibility before the schlep...
Thranduil, I caught you twice
Never shedding tears of mourns
When an Elve dies, the skies
fall down, as I'm in incessant agony around the norns.
Forever shaken,
not in peace for fragment captured;
They shall awaken...!
You, unseen, shall live in rapture;
as the songs never soothed the heart;
nor did they thence craft from crystals jewelry...
The egregor of Elves shall not depart...
Elve, don't die on me out of No One's foolery!!!

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