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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Yavanna washes her hair
with a conch that sparkles multicoloured,
and the Sorrow of Melian is musing there,
in Valinor's Gardens for Love of Her Lover.

She surpassed them all with Beauty
and Wisdom of Her Inner Third Eye
An unknown little child's unachievable dream soothed,
befriended him, creating skies.

You know how to act the Goddess, Lady!
Love worthy to capture time in stillness,
spellbound in visions of Amour ~ "Zaydi..."
As we know, the Light Land the shadow illness

cures, when living it out
in the magical world of your manifested dreams,
and Melian knew it all, without
even waiting for the Hour to Come with Hymns.

"Swift tidings, and a world changing,
No Man Shall Cross and Enter Doriath,
The echoes reached her, without an ending,
a healing blush sprung from her cheeks' path.

"Don't worry, Melian" ~ An innocent girl
approaches her from astral projections;
This is not the end of the World,
and she Looked in her Eyes with reflections...

Melian is One with Faith...
And Her Love will be Immortaly Young.
Nobly she saw a cloack over the Wraith,
and She Said: " This song shall be sung

even when the Middle Earth Has changed
And this happened as of Urantia's Today of December
She observed the Show and suddently in range
she perceived His Presence ~ oh, Elu Thingol Remembers!

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