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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

"Gandalf, Galadriel, Elrond, Bilbo, Frodo, and even Sam"
Where Frodo said goodbye
to Legolas and Aragorn
Merry and Pippin, he tried
to feel the future-born
peace, as he was smart;
Valinor he did percieve
already, alas, from afar
he sensed the black shadow that qui vive.
Oh, the lingering sensation
of how would Arwen die
turning into a river in a dimension
where no life could continue, it cried.
It actually was the blue-eyed
rather athletic Gollum
that heard the truce behind
"Balrog of Morgoth", oh, hm!
What does the Light,
when Gandalf entered at the fifth dawn,
meant, for in fright
the balrog got prolonged as a trumpheting sound.
Whoever knows the Elohim,
would actually understand
that each sound is intention within,
that resonates with soul and stance.
So, Frodo actually felt
how the end of the fellowship of brothers
coudn't be separate, as wealth
true the story of the Rings did father.
Yes, once upon a time Celebrimbor~us
was the elve of Sauron's initiation
where the rings were crafted, now a thorus
swirls around sparks of blacksmith creation.
Yes, whatever you hit
between fire, metal and stone,
does forever give life to it,
whatever is underneath born.
A mysterious lady in white,
with black hair so unknown,
visited the brightening sky,
where Sauron's volcano's grown.
Where it erupted,
a mystery for boggling minds,
how is it possible something by him corrupted
to be destroyed in his work, but it finds
itself very so known in mind,
At Least in Gandalf and Galadriel's ones of thoughts,
what did they feel when then the plans unwind
before their eyes, as it future it beholds.
This lady so alien
appeared from nothing,
she was also sapient,
an Elohim of something.
And she felt once upon a dream,
when she was creating divinations,
that it would actually seem,
that this One Ring's creation
was actually powerful
as it hid Elven script,
that emanated also Celebrimbor's blue colour, full
of power seeking dominative crypt...
Well, she was too smart,
so she projected herself there,
she entered blackened cooled down lava
and toward
it she inclined her hair fair.
She saw inside the remainders
and a roaming soul inhaling gluttonously souls
of the ambience and the finder
of the new Sauron's plan she was; she caught his ghoul.
She immediately chained him;
black-mattered steel around his skin;
his blood-red hair was falling so dim
but actually shoutingly bright from within.
She laughed at him and started singing,
enchanted him with unknown powers,
as she his image attained and was blinking
with elven-like source faye; it showers
ashes contained in frosty manna drops
but inside the fuels burning
that dimmed the skies of Mordor's top,
and she was slowly turning
into an Elve of The Noldor Kind;
she was chanting and hailing
and he couldn't possibly unwind
what a spell her words were portraying.
She was a Mirror of Himself
and he saw what he could also be from afar,
she joked: "Please ask yourself,
Annatar, how predictable you are!"
And she lured him with her moving eyes
as a witchy queen of elven forests
in the form that Sam saw once in his highs,
and he was intrigued, and so surest.
Then, she led him at the ocean sands,
where he didn't even this time feel
Ulmo's threat, as her cheerful chants
were moving his legs like wheels.
She turned her back to him;
her hair - was super straight and falling,
and she acquired angel wings,
and she didn't catch her face during her mysterious calling.
What she evoked, what she created,
in a silestesic twists and whirls,
she slowly started rotating ... he was fated
to make a Choice and face her Facial Thrills.
Oh it was said, that she normally had
a face of childlike purity and passion
but had she turn around to sound in that
direction, everyone trembled so ashened.
As no one, no one ever could capture
the mysterious glare coming from her eye, left intuition,
and they knew... it would be a rapture
if she ever turned fully back to her normal position.

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