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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

As Morgoth was landing high,  
from snowy fortress reigns,  
above Angbands welled-black starry sky,  
he silent does remain...  

and he starts singing bliss.....  
from the top of his dreams  
on a pike, where it raining is  
with mysteriosly shining gleams  

and it goes...:  
"I forgot that I might see  
So many beautiful things  
I forgot that I might need  
To find out what life could be  
Beautiful things  
Take this happy ending away  
It's all the same  
God won't waste this simplicity  
On possibility  
Get me up, wake me up, dreams are filling  
This trace of blame  
Frozen still I thought I could stop  
Now who's gonna wait?  
So many beautiful things  
So many beautiful things  
Now what do I do?  
Can I change my mind?  
Did I think things through?  
It was once my life  
It was my life at one time" (quote from BXVUTIFUL THINGS - MYSTXRIVL)  
So he flies away from there  
as a vampire pouring blood  
from his theeth as holy essence; flair,  
his floating mantle floods  
the region with icy snow  
falling stars from his cosmic cloak  
that is; who could ever know  
that the Earth would kindly soak  
in a very thin and gentle layer  
where he instilled;  
wishes and promises fair,  
as a God good-willed...  
Then he reaches the end  
of the Angband lonely field  
and it above the ground went,  
teleported itself to wield  
the upper terrain so lifeless  
in the first sign of new maintaining  
arrangments of Middle Earth's nest  
dimensions like stairs changing.  
Where synchronicity does run  
between the time corridors,  
where space can grow in shunned  
isles, or rivers or clusters... and doors.  
So he finds himself before  
a surprising portal that opens  
that leads to the ancient lore  
somethig unbelievable happens.  
He enters and feels inspired  
as to how empty it is  
void of Middle Earth's past shires  
and history so kissed.  
He feels it starts anew  
but this time Eru sings along  
He is the First Sound, the wheel  
and here goes the song..:  
"Thou shalt have no other Gods  
Before me  
Estas volando (despertad)  
Estas volando  
Estas volando (despertad)  
Estas volando  
And God said, let there be light, and there was light  
God called, the light day  
And the darkness, he called night  
The power, and, the glory...  
Glory, glory, glory  
Despertad, despertad, despertad, despertad, despertad...  
Thou shalt have no other Gods, Before me  
Estas volando  
Estas volando " - Shinnobu "Of Return to Mysticism"  
Immediately the song shapes  
his Utterance of Understanding,  
what does it Mean to create  
as the First Willing so Fate-ing.  
Yes, another God indeed,  
you shall not have ~ before me;  
as a Local Son to bid  
as Highest First, Fathering Thee.  
What did it feel for blackened malice  
that dwelled in the void of chaos  
that is mixed with the shadow chalice  
... indeed for the Unbegotten's clause?  
When you believe that the Flame Eternal  
is somewhere nowhere to be found  
outside the Inner Spark of Whirpools  
that is also sounds...  
The void, of Morgoth dear,  
is the primary unmanifested,  
the first tissue, so hear,  
shall it realy be infested?  
Did you truly understand  
what is that does make you God?  
It is respect for lower life when  
you can abuse, but it is thought  
that it shall never be reached  
until you embrace humble compassion;  
even if it is the blackest pitch,  
remember the Ghosts' loneliness ashened  
before, when He resided there  
as the All that Unfathered is  
where you can create life to share  
with equals the immortal bliss...!  
And when you finally hear  
what you could be destined to be;  
the depth of melancholic nights, so dear,  
So the More Goth cathedrals you see..!  
Did you feel it when you uttered  
"Let there be Light"  
that it is not equal for battles shattered  
it's not about the dual fight  
day and night are just an expression of  
what was more compressed before;  
even united spiritual forms are, thereof,  
already separated from the core....  
Did you feel the despair  
and hope one having reached it  
the Creating Flame, so dare  
be a God of Forms, Unique With  
Your own experience gathered;  
after You swirled under the crown  
the divinity that was fathered  
in Eru's first attempt, oh fragment son...  
Now that the crimes weigh down  
your burdened heavy soul  
You just blissfuly shine and wow  
to the New Chrystic slow  
vibration of pitched down sounds  
homogenous and so alive and causating,  
the Ainur and the other ones  
start singing along .. The Second Music of Creation!
"Ever since he can remember people have died in his good name
Long before that September
Long before hijacking planes
He's lost the will he can't decide
He doesn't know who's right or wrong
But there's one thing that he's sure of this has been going on too long" - BL▲CK CEILING - Girl Money

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