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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Peaceful races, gullible minds,
full of innermost desires;
playing with whatever He finds
in their soul material, his magnifiers

have never missed a spot;
His Crown of Deceit carries burden,
Fall in my hands, innocent thoughts,
I'll plant there vices, they'll emerge in

your behaviour and beliefs...
you will act out of evil whims,
My sound twists, it upheaves,
it lures, inverting Holy Hymns.

Feanor, oh Feanor Dear,
who are full of disdain for me,
you don't listen, so will you hear?
Your own Hatred I shall Be.

Your ear will become a portal,
host of worms invisible of doubt and sin,
you will lose your trust in brothered, and mortals
will also be my Key to the Distrust Within.

I'm lost in the visions of AntiTwists,
alas, I have affinity to Pure Emanations,
and I ... shall spread rumours, my gifts
are Discord and War for the Kin... I'm so patient.

Ancient Evil dawns upon you,
Feanor, the Eldest son Successor,
Fingolfin, Tirion you shall come to lose,
Elves, For You the Mortals are Oppressors.

Preferred by the Valar they Are, oh Immortals.
They shall inherit Middle Earth's domain...
Thus, ... be Lifted from your Hearts, your Centred Morals!

Commence... Unrest of the Noldor Disdained!

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