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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Blacksmith-casted reactional spells,
chemical behaviour of elements metallic;
clatter, flames and melting smell,
compounds and alloys, mixed and graphic.
Ferrous iron, as black as His Soul,
non-ferrous coloured low weight standards,
Eol The Elf, He Did Quite Know,
how to Yield this Science's hazards.
He forged shining dark Galvorn,
a metal inspired by Dwarven friends,
hard as their steel but malleable, worn
as suit of armour in the Woodland realms.
Nan Elmoth, oh fairytale shadowed,
a forest in Beleriand the East,
for it somewhat peacefully gathered
tranquil enchantments, powerful, at rest.
Aredhel, oh Fair Beauty!
Third Child of Noldors' Fingolfin,
to his Marrow you soothed
Eol, as he grew fond of you within.
A heart of mirk and of shadows,
as forestal and silent as the wood's trees,
he cast a spell that was aglow
to captivate your radiance, as the breeze
would guide your presence always
to the same labyrinth's end
the Lost girl wouldn't find her boys
Glorfindel, Ecthelion, Egalmoth - the band;
but she would wander and roam,
each pathway twisted in curves,
leading her only to her future home...
for He secretly Lures.
This is how she Married Him -
Eol the Elf, the Dark,
a Child she bore, her Maeglin,
her healthy son, her spark.
But she started to harbour
a lingering and sad sensation
for she missed with ardour
the brothers left behind; impatient...
So they waited for the Tall and Dark
to go on a new quest unknown
and on an adventure they embarked...
Maeglin escorted her; Disowned
was he when his Father discovered
what a treachery he had committed
he pursued them, so burnt and bothered,
for his Son his Wife had evicted.
Eol was known for his Javelin Spears
He tried to aim at his son
but his mother threw herself and it Pierced
her ... She died from her Wound.
This is the glorious story
of a bewitched and valiant Elf
Yet.. Did he ever feel Sorry
for Murdering his Family ...Himself?

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