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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Fair radiance and curly tresses,
lips as juicy as exotic peach,
Maeglin's heart silently caresses
a desire that would turn to siege....

Pure infatuation it is called;
but what a cursed fate indeed,
lineage is said to forestall
inbreeding despite Love's needs...

"Would you ever be capable?"
Somber insight leaks in...
To create a family, a cradle...
there's darkness in between.

No, what resentful disdaign
would turn this frustration in vengeance
and dominating stimulus vain
to possess her for himself's dependance...

Who knows what truly did Idril
think of her Cousin's intentions
but it is said, she on purpose, at will,
avoided his malevolent tension...

But it is as true as an Elven Heart,
even if a Dark One you are,
True was His Admiration from the Start,
but Fate was in the way, bizarre.

To observe from aside, dimmed,
damp Soul tears are soil for Malice,
it was not merely a Whim;
But Rather, Real Love as a Chalice.

Eol's heritage is hard enough, anyways;
yet alone to compete with a human...
Maeglin shall care for her each and every day...
until Existance's over and beyond its blooming...

Silent at his father's death sentence.
Who knows what He truly felt;
it was rather an understanding presence,
for he has always dealt

with Eol's possessive manners
until he developed them himself
but proud are Elven Banners...
"To Hell with Tuor from an Elf!"

Oh, this dreaded mortal,
exuding such beautiful air,
how did he cross this portal
"to take my dearest he dared!"

I disappeared for a while
in Morgoth's dens unheard of
and I returned with a strange smile
and appeance changed, unsoft.

This strange sparkle in the eyes
and wicked bloodline so enchanted
To her I dedicate my skies,
who knows what's been granted

in the lands hidden from the Light
to accentuate this dreaded feelings,
this horrible envied greedy sight
of Tuor and Idril's wedding rings...

I would kill absolutely anyone
even Earendil, Idril's merriest boy,
the son of Tuor shall be done,
they stood in my Way, and it annoys..

But what does Maeglin see as he falls,
His Life scenes run before his eyes,
struck down Gondolin's walls
Idril in All His Love... Forever he cries ~

He cries, the purest of tears,
this was incestious - but accidentally!
His Spirit - Elven, Fierce;
The Fire consumed him mentally...

This is the surveiling story
of a yearning unfulfilled...

And I am sorry... I'm so sorry.

"Idril, it's just the Way you Thrill!"

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