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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Surely, it was the Evil Core
that the Lord of Gifts so furtive
embedded in the ring - the door
to the AntiMetatronic dirt of

Everything that is unholy;
for He knew that it's the power
chimeric of the offerings of nucleoli
that can confuse a being, showered

not by the Promised Abundance
but with Reeking Excrement Acid
immaculate plan, for all the bundles
of inversion gather essences, for ashes

infernal of the vampirism
for Sauron did utter damned
that he despised Varda's animism
he spitted on her Light; Be banned!

Yes, God's Light is Absolute;
But I suffered demonic possession
My martyrdom and insights fruit
Chrystic power of Purity's protection...

Oh, I sing Tinnitus
for I somewhat awe it as well
I make all your sigils ubiquitous
manifest them through this well

of resentment of the succubus
sucking all to feed with blood
disguised as jewels or stimulus
... but this Truth is brute.

I activated the inverted Flower
of Life as to let out the diabolic
so it could be afterwards showered
by the Elven essence that you vitriolic

locked as the Alphabet Refined
of the Elven Immortality of Souls
for you all that eats away entwined
in its Beauty to emit ugly ghouls...

We all know what you wanted,
Annatar, you Serpentongue,
you managed it, as you enchanted
abundance adamantine and unsung

its divine alchemic powers...
then to unleash the portal to Hell...
I know, you intended the Hour
of holes to destroy Life itself...

But, Sauron, oh Sauron,
I love how your music sounds,
so I will sing all your tones
mirroring your face, your bounds.

May Fifth Dawn Brigthen Your Mouth
this Evil Creature Symbolic
that I saw in Mordor's South
the key to rotten teeth of Moloch

then a Holy Symbol irrevocable
shall seal forever the Ring's hole
after it's been emptied of all vocals
that Sauron crafted in the One whole.

On the very same stone it was crafted,
that's where it can be undone, reversed...
not destroyed, for this is how the flower shafted
can activate its opposite of sucking curse...

There I transmutated your magic,
after living your very intention,
turning it to Chrystic codes pelagic
and then I seal it for prevention.

What shall I do next?
I shall Free Celebrimbor's possessive "I"
as a Feanorian hexed
but nonetheless an Elve of Virtues and of Holy Eyes.

Let his true Elven essence inundate
the Precious Ring to Rule them All
Shape itself in the inscription and create
defense of pure Regained Elven Walls

This is how the claimed script
so Holy of the Elven kin
shall become an army that encrypts
the Eternal Protection Within!

"One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

One Ring to Burn intestines,
One Ring to incite,
One Ring to be Destined
the evil darkness to delight.

One Ring is Gathered
One Ring is Transposed
The One Ring has Fathered
the Cure for All the Necrosed.

The One Ring is fair,
The One Ring is of Snow...
One Ring... You shall forevermore Bear...
the One's Perfection Unknown!"

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