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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

The path appears before him dark,
he feels a presence of fire,
holily strong as orange-flame sparks,
and suddenly, what a desire.

He was a riddled ember
of what he could have been
but somewhat faded, lack of remembrance,
and no intentions were there seen.

He entered the cave,
as brave and curious as fire in glory,
and in him a melody wave
unbiased followed him around the gory

visions of phantoms that fathom
whichever unfathomable for him is,
maciated by his destiny, his atom
had joined the sound of twists.

But there he got troubled
by possession of such dread,
amid insanity so shadowed
he saw a Beast so Red.

He was there, burning dormant,
the wanderer got impatient within,
as he wanted to hide in his enforcement
or in his horned face, as he has seen

that this beast salvating
carried a sealing rock
instead of snout, pulsating,
he found himself in shock.

He was the Beast, oh Willows,
and Poplars of forgetfullness,
what has he done, is it the sigils,
or just bestiality as primordial chaos?

He erupted as explosion,
the way that Spirits of Fire expand,
Legolas and Gimli were just proposing
to Frodo where exactly he should land,

nearby the sea, a Farewell,
but the shadow in Frodo did live,
and the recollected Balrog burst well
with his Maia forlorn newborn gift....

Then the Fellowship were virtually insights,
as their Third Eye so clearly foresaw
how Mairon would there calmly lie
with his head bended down, the hair .. just wow.

Oh, how fast they ran,
not meeting a single enemy,
beneath an ample sky, not once
felt there as a scenery...

Barely did they sleep,
captured, God, so light,
eyes no longer weeped
of mourns and sad goodbyes..

Finally, in years,
of silence, exhaltation,
their curious ears
heard the song foundation,

when they finally crossed
the remainders of Minas Ithil
in Mordor that was lost,
the statue's flowers on a spring hill.

They saw him there,
Mairon, the fairest,
leaning and his hair
rested was, aorist...

Sauron remembered her, the Maia,
Arien that's uncorrupted
by Melkor, who tried to catch her fire,
but she was untouchable and unobstructed.

Houseless his spirit roams,
while diminished in the power,
he restores himself, aums,
gathers emanations-showers.

What should they do next...?
Doesn't Sauron ever want
to be part of the gang, perplexed...
well, Smoking Pipe-Weed shan't

bother his mission of evil plans...
but, oh wait, I like it a lot...
what's this clueless damned chance..
but wait... what's next with Our plot?

He looks above the Sea
that links Aman to Hither Lands..
A girl is floating in the sky, she flees,
from two colliding vortexes' expanse...

As she was given a choice
whether to fall in Ulmo's depths
or straight to Morgoth's black hole's noise,
she panicked could not choose a bet...

She finally found out,
both are too scary to be felt,
Torondor at sudden appeared without
any fear, so brave, as he smelt

her appearance in Manwe's reign,
in the middle of nowhere,
the skies are also scary, when they ain't
holy presence but Uranium spheres...

She gasped, now eased and debtless,
then she looked straight in his eye,
the eagle commanded her respect, breathless
was, she came to realise...

One thing is certain there.
In the Land of the Undying Sun...
Nest three Air Spheres of Airmen, where...
"The Era of Eagles has Begun!"

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